Latest Press Releases

A suite of draft SPAs in Scottish waters has been announced by Scottish Government.
Scotland welcomes designation of 30 Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas to help conserve Scotland's rich marine heritage.
The 2013 winner of JNCC's Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Nature Conservation Award is announced.
Experts from across the UK Overseas Territories in the South Atlantic gathered together for a regional workshop on Ascension Island, sharing conservation expertise and experience.
Recruitment is currently underway for two independent members of the Joint Committee
A new Evidence Strategy published today as part of Defra's evidence network.
The next meeting of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee will be held on 12 June 2014.
An International Biodiversity Day message from Peter Bridgewater
The appointment of the new Chairman of JNCC has been announced
The 2013 figures from UKBMS are now available. Some short term gains due to a warm summer but overall butterfly populations have declined.