Latest Press Releases

Prof Christine Maggs and Carolina Schmidtz, Chilean Minister for the Environment, sign a Memorandum of Understanding for joint working on Marine Protected Areas and a workshop on challenges and opportunities associated with MPA monitoring and management.
JNCC's Ant Maddock recently spent a week in Angola working on a project to restore an area of Afromontane forest.
An outstanding achievement and richly deserved reward.
Report cards explaining the affect of climate change on UK marine habitats and species published
JNCC is in the process of revising Guidelines for selection of biological SSSIs. A number of newly-revised Chapters have recently been published.
Sombrero Island now joins a network of over 2,300 sites that conserve and protect some of the world's most significant wetlands.
European Court of Justice case law database upgraded
The BBS Report gives long-term trends for 117 common and widespread bird species.
JNCC has worked to update conservation advice for offshore Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The revision is based on recommended best practice and feedback from users. Further information on the approach is available on the JNCC conservation advice webpage.
JNCC has successfully completed a piece of work that could help to improve the management of water resources for the 55 million population of South Africa.