Latest Press Releases

The majority of UK butterfly species experienced a decline in number in 2016 according to latest statistics.
Chief Fisheries & Ocean Governance Officer, Alwyn Ponteen received advanced training in the use and analysis of IVMS data at the Succorfish office in February. This was followed by meetings with UK fisheries experts.
As part of the UKs commitment to the implementation of the EU Habitats Directive five harbour porpoise SACs have been submitted to the European Commission.
JNCC has launched a public consultation on the Irish Sea Front marine potential Special Protection Area.
JNCC has launched a public consultation on a boundary amendment to the Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI.
JNCC have been working on improving the conservation advice we provide for offshore Marine Protected Areas. The new approach is based on recommended best practise and feedback from current users.
A representative from JNCC’s Marine Protected Sites Team has joined colleagues from Cefas to deliver a Marine Protected Area (MPA) training course to the Environment Public Authority in Kuwait.
JNCC launch a consultation on revised guidelines for minimising the risk of injury and disturbance to marine mammals from seismic surveys. The consultation will close on the 23rd December 2016.
The Liverpool Bay/Bae Lerpwl marine pSPA builds on the existing SPA, extending it towards the north and the west to incorporate areas which are important for little gulls during the winter months. The consultation runs until 5pm on 8 February 2017.
A third review of the status of the UK’s most important sites for birds has now been submitted to UK Ministers. This review of the SPA network brings together data collected during the 2000s and includes extensive counts from volunteer schemes.