A landmark in collaborative work on MPAs with Chile

16 January 2019

Professor Christine Maggs and Carolina Schmidtz Minister for the Environment

JNCC are delighted to have been invited to attend a week-long event in Chile, beginning with the signing of an MoU for collaborative work on Marine Protected Area (MPA) topics that are of mutual interest to both countries and continuing with a technical workshop on the challenges and opportunities associated with the effective management and monitoring of MPAs.

The MoU identifies several common areas for collaborative working that have been developed through an ongoing dialogue since discussions at the International Congress on Marine Protected Areas (IMPAC) 4 hosted in Chile in 2017. These include:  

  • Effective governance and administration of marine protected areas
  • Best practice approaches to the management of human activities
  • Approaches to the measurement and valuation of marine ecosystem services
  • Engaging communities; and
  • Making best use of scientific advances to effectively monitor marine systems

Both Chile and the UK have signed up to the same international policies that call for the development of an effective network of MPAs that make a contribution to the conservation of our marine environment; and we believe we have much to learn from one another in the best ways of doing this in the spirit of international collaboration. Under the MoU, representatives from Chile and the UK will work on producing an annual action plan for targeted collaborative action.

We are very excited to be embarking on this partnership with Chile and would like to thank the Ministry of the Environment, the British Embassy in Chile and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for their support in facilitating pursuit of our joint mission for healthy seas.