Sites of Special Scientific Interest Guidelines Revised


11 July 2018

Cross-leaved heather Erica tetralix © Natural England

JNCC is in the process of revising Guidelines for selection of biological SSSIs. A number of newly-revised Chapters have recently been published.

The Guidelines for the Selection of Biological SSSIs provide a consistent rationale for the evaluation and selection of biological Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) throughout Great Britain.

The recently revised Chapters are:

Chapter 2 Woodlands
Chapter 4 Lowland heathland
Chapter 6 Freshwater habitats
Chapter 12 Bryophytes
Chapter 13 Lichens and lichenicolous fungi and associated Appendix
Chapter 14 Fungi (non-lichenised)
Chapter 19 Freshwater and estuarine fish

Further Chapters are subject to revision and these will be published when ready. Please note that minor changes to the updated chapters might be made in the future, to deal with consistency issues and to take account of new information.