What we can offer


Welcome to our project summaries and capability statements page. These provide an overview of our expertise and experience across the sectors we work in and the services and products we can offer.


They show a glimpse of the wide-range of marine, terrestrial and species work we carry out across the UK and internationally for governments, agencies and business.


We hope you find these summaries and statements interesting and informative. If you would like to find out more information about these projects or any other service JNCC provides, please contact the business development team on 01733 866893 or email: businessdevelopment@jncc.gov.uk


Conservation Advice
Earth Observation
Ecosystem Service Project
European Nature Conservation Agency Heads Network
European Topic Centre for Biological Diversity
Fisheries and MPAs
Intermediate Assessment
Monitoring Options
Natural Capital
Marine Services
Seabirds and Windfarms
Trade Offs
Value Mapping Montserrat's Fisheries
Fisheries best practice