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Contract title: JNCC Website Refresh


Invitation to tender: Reference C17-0248-1204



JNCC requires a website that is accessible and useful to our wide-range of key stakeholders. It should be relevant for all visitors, be they members of the general public, a company or institution for example, that may not be familiar with JNCC and have not visited the site before. Equally, it needs to be relevant for current users who are familiar with the website and know where to go to find information and what information is available. It is vital we do not exclude any of our key stakeholders and have a website that can showcase the work we do to new and existing stakeholders.


We plan to take a large amount of the current website content and turn it into static pages that will sit within an existing searchable Data Hub. This content is usually scientific in nature and very popular with researchers and academics. It will be necessary to ensure there are intuitive links from the new website to this Data Hub.  


We do not require any hosting facilities or cloud-based solutions as part of this project.


The successful supplier will demonstrate clearly a strategy to achieve these requirements based on industry best practice, innovation and previous experience.

What to do next


Potential bidders are invited to download the following documents and complete the acceptance form of our terms and conditions attached to the invitation to tender (ITT).





  • Date for return of tender : Monday 26 February @ 1600 hrs  
  • Proposed start date: w/c 02/04/2018 
  • Proposed end date: 31/07/2018