2 October 2017

The 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC4) was held in Chile during September, bringing together an international audience of marine managers, advisors and users to exchange knowledge and experience in relation to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).


Yolanda Arjona, a Marine Fisheries Advisor at JNCC, attended the conference to present on the UK’s development of an ecologically coherent network of MPAs and how this contributes to the UK government’s vision for clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas.

JNCC has played a key role in the design and implementation of the network, and provision of advice relating to the management of human activities within MPAs. This is to ensure maximum conservation benefit while allowing sustainable use of the UK’s productive and diverse waters. We were delighted to attend the conference to share the UK’s knowledge and experience, and learn about how MPAs are being implemented and managed across the globe.


Yolanda Arjona with Kylie Bamford, Marine Conservation Manager, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


For more information about JNCC’s work on Marine Protected areas, visit http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-4524.

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