Montserrat Chief Fisheries & Ocean Governance Officer UK training week

21 March 2017 


Chief Fisheries & Ocean Governance Officer, Mr Alwyn Ponteen received advanced training in the use and analysis of Inshore Vessel Monitoring Systems (IVMS) data, in a recent visit to the UK. His work programme also included in-use demonstrations of the software at sites across the UK and meetings with UK fisheries experts.

Mr Ponteen said, “This training and networking opportunity has increased my knowledge, capacity and understanding of international best practices that can be applied to improve the management, governance, development and sustainable utilisation of the ocean ecosystems goods and service under Montserrat’s national jurisdiction. I would like to extend my thanks to JNCC for facilitating the training and helping increase capacity to efficiently monitor and record Montserrat’s fishery.”

Alwyn Ponteen visits fisheries experts at JNCC's Aberdeen office

The training was designed to help with applying the IVMS and associated CATCH APP for fisheries data management, collection, storage and as an analytical tool. The timely training also addressed critical gaps identified in the recent T2T Partnership workshop and in the January 2017 EU OCTA Innovation Marine and Fisheries sector reports (due to be published soon).

One key finding of the reports reiterated the need for Montserrat to improve capacity, accuracy and consistency in its fisheries data collection and management systems, to better support future ocean-related decisions. To help achieve these ambitious objectives, JNCC purchased seven upgraded Succorfish IVMS data collection and two iPads with the Succorfish Catch App for data input installed fish measuring equipment and sourced five laptop computers for utilization in data storage and management.

The data obtained from the new equipment will provide support to the Government of Montserrat’s evidence-based decision-making process and additional benefits, such as improved knowledge and understanding of the distribution of non-invasive and invasive fish species.Alwyn Ponteen meets representatives of Kent - Essex IFAC

In addition, Mr Ponteen participated in a number of meetings to discuss and learn more on fisheries and ocean resources management and governance. The site visits to Cornwall and Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority (IFCA) provided an opportunity to meet local fishers and fishery experts.