International Women's Day 2017


Meet Gemma Singleton - marine scientist and currently training towards competing at the 2017 World Rowing Masters Regatta at Lake Bled, Slovenia in September.


Q) What is your role at JNCC?JNCC's Marine Assessment Scientist Gemma Singleton,

I am a Marine Assessment Scientist working within the Marine Ecosystem Assessment team at JNCC. This a great role in which I work on a wide range of projects contributing to the ongoing development of marine indicator assessments for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. This role allows me to meet and work with lots of interesting and inspiring people including specialist groups such as the Healthy and Biologically Diverse Seas Evidence Group benthic sub-group (HBDSEG BSG) for which I am secretariat.


Q) Your dreams and ambitions - complete the sentence "One day, I will....."

…discover a new marine species…save the world…fly to the moon…go in a submarine.


Q) What advice would you give to your younger self?

Always follow your dreams, remain focussed and be ready to succeed no matter what challenges are put in your way!


Q) What challenges do you encounter maintaining a work/life balance?

I find the biggest challenge in maintaining a work/life balance is actually defining the split. I am in a very fortunate position where the job I do is also a passion which means sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like work. This means that in my spare time most of my hobbies consist of water based activities, with Peterborough City Rowing Club and the River Nene often feeling like my second home.


Q) What’s your greatest achievement?

Surviving 6 weeks working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The offshore working world is a mostly male dominated field so it is great to be one of the few women to be out there working equally and encouraging others to do the same.