International Women's Day 2017

Meet Kirsty Meadows - a working Mum of two with a passion for all things outdoors.


Kirsty Meadows, leading the JNCC Communications & Corporate Affairs Team, from the front

Q) What is your role at JNCC?

Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager. I manage our internal and external comms – every day is different and there’s never a dull moment!


Q) Your dreams and ambitions - complete the sentence "One day, I will....."

Master my yoga handstand!


Q) What advice would you give your younger self?

Always trust your instincts – if there’s that nagging voice in your head don’t ignore it, you’ll always be right. Believe in yourself, take more risks and always treat people equally and with kindness. And on the style front, think Audrey Hepburn - you really can’t go wrong with that little black dress.


Q) What challenges do you encounter maintaining a work/life balance?

Juggling work with raising two boys and their hectic schedule of activities – rugby, sailing, kick-boxing - it never stops! As a single parent, working full-time, it’s hard to carve out some me time and any opportunity I get to explore the great outdoors is a bonus. Walking clears my head and allows me to park that to-do list for a while.


Q) Which positive female role models do you admire?

J.K. Rowling. Her journey from a struggling mum on benefits to one of the most successful authors ever is truly inspiring. Her philanthropic work, especially in fighting social deprivation for women and children, comes from the heart and she really does want to make a difference.