Celebrating International Women's Day 2017

8 March 2017



This year’s theme for International Women’s Day highlights women in the changing world of work, and sets our collective sights on the objective of making gender equality a reality by 2030.


Today, we are celebrating International Women's Day by recognising the wonderful women who work for JNCC. A few of them have shared their achievements, aspirations and the challenges they've faced in their chosen careers.... along with some wise words for future generations!


JNCC's Helen Baker Meet Helen Baker, JNCC's Research Manager ~ "understanding diversity in human culture and values is key to nature conservation"


Kirsty Meadows, leading the JNCC Communications & Corporate Affairs Team, from the front Meet JNCC's Communications & Corporate Affairs Manager Kirsty Meadows ~ "every day is different and there’s never a dull moment!"


JNCC's Offshore Industries Advice Manager Bethany Graves Meet JNCC's Offshore Industries Advice Manager Bethany Graves ~ "through my work in the marine environment inspire young girls to work in science"


JNCC's Marine Assessment Scientist Gemma Singleton, Meet Gemma Singleton, Marine Assessment Scientist at JNCC ~ "follow your dreams, remain focussed and be ready to succeed no matter what challenges are put in your way!"


Carol Bowley, JNCC Administration Assistant Meet JNCC's Carol Bowley, Office Services & Directors Office Administrator ~ "You’re never too old to learn."