Notification of the publication of draft conservation advice for Dogger Bank cSAC / SCI (DRAFT)


Notification Issued: 20th December 2016
Deadline for responses: 31st January 2017



JNCC have been working on improving the conservation advice we provide for offshore Marine Protected Areas. The new approach is based on recommended best practise and feedback from current users. Further information on the approach is available on the JNCC Conservation Advice webpages.


The approach is being trialled with Dogger Bank cSAC/SCI and draft updated conservation advice is now available in the conservation advice tab of the Site Information Centre.


We are offering a 6 week period for users to comment on the Dogger Bank draft conservation advice. While we would welcome feedback on any element of the advice we would specifically appreciate comments on the following in order to help us improve the advice further:


  • Is the advice readily accessible in terms of being understandable and easy to obtain?
  • Do you find the supplementary advice on conservation objectives SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely)?
  • Does the advice clearly set out what evidence has been used and how we have used it?
  • How useful do you find the presentation and functionality of the Advice on Operations document? What improvements could we make?
  • If using the conservation advice to inform applications for proposed developments do you find the supplementary advice on conservation objectives up to date and relevant to the site? Does the information provided enable you to assess the impacts of your proposed development?
  • Do you have any further information about the site which you feel we should consider in our conservation advice going forward?


Comments can be provided via the survey below.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the advice, please do get in touch using the email address below and include ‘Dogger Bank Conservation Advice’ in the subject header.


Comments must be received by 31st January 2017.



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For any enquiries please contact:

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