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30 November 2016


A representative from JNCC’s Marine Protected Sites Team has joined colleagues from Cefas to deliver a Marine Protected Area (MPA) training course to the Environment Public Authority in Kuwait.

Drawing on over 10 years of expertise and experience in the selection, designation, management, monitoring and assessment of MPAs in the UK, JNCC are supporting Environment Public Authority officials in thinking about how they might go about setting up an MPA Programme to develop an ecologically coherent network of protected sites in their marine waters.

Exercises on the MPA training programme include consideration of MPA network principles and how they apply to Kuwaiti waters, MPA management scenarios and the opportunity to draft the backbones of an MPA strategy and implementation plan for Kuwait to discuss with decision-makers moving forward.

We are hoping this is just the first step in a longer process of collaborative working with Kuwait, in partnership with Cefas, to continue to share knowledge and expertise in the development of their MPA programme of work.

Under the same MPA training initiative, JNCC will also be teaming up with Cefas to deliver an MPA training course to officials in Grenada next year.