Consultation launched on the Greater Wash marine potential Special Protection Area

18 October 2016
Following the launch of a consultation on four new possible Special Protection Areas (pSPAs) in Scottish inshore and offshore waters earlier this month, JNCC and Natural England have launched a consultation on potential SPAs (pSPAs) in English inshore and offshore waters.

One of the latest pSPAs, the Greater Wash pSPA, straddles the 12 nautical mile (nm) limit and falls under the joint responsibility of JNCC and Natural England – Natural England for the area in inshore waters (within 12nm) and JNCC for the area in offshore waters (beyond 12nm). The consultation on the Greater Wash pSPA will run in parallel with a Natural England consultation on a further two pSPAs which are fully situated in English inshore waters.

The Greater Wash pSPA is proposed to protect marine areas of great importance for different tern species during the breeding season (Sandwich tern, little tern and common tern) as well as a range of seabird species during the non-breeding season (red-throated diver, common scoter and little gull).

SPAs are protected sites classified under the EU Birds Directive to protect rare and vulnerable birds, as well as regularly occurring migratory birds, in the member states of the EU.

Detailed information on the Greater Wash pSPA is available:

Greater Wash pSPA

To submit a response to the consultation on the proposals, please visit: The consultation will close 18 January 2017.