LIFE Nature & Biodiversity

This priority area sits within the Environment sub-programme and has two strands: Nature and Biodiversity.


LIFE Nature

LIFE Nature projects focus on the implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives. These projects typically take place within the Natura 2000 network but may also address non site based species such as mobile species. They can be based on best practice, pilot or demonstrative techniques.


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Critical considerations

  • What is the feature's conservation status?
  • Will the project improve the status and by how much?
  • What proportion of the feature's UK/EU population/range are you tackling?
  • Have you looked at the Standard Data Forms? is your feature listed within the relevant sections?
  • Are you addressing the relevant pressures and threats as identified in the 2013 Article 12/17 reporting?


LIFE Biodiversity

LIFE Biodiversity projects focus on the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020. These projects can take place outside of the Natura 2000 network and tend to be more innovative than LIFE Nature projects.


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Concrete Conservation Actions

At least 25% of the total LIFE Nature or LIFE Biodiversity project budget needs to be spent on 'concrete conservation' actions. These are actions which directly improve (or slow/ halt/ reverse the decline of) the conservation status/ ecological condition of the species, habitats, ecosystems or ecosystem services targeted. Further detail on this can be found in the relevant Guidelines for Applicants.


For more information on this priority area please see the LIFE Regulation.


Inspiring stories

Upper River Dee small tree enclosures;  White Water, River South Esk, restored section of river with bank protection removed;
and, Freshwater pearl mussel, Afon Eden © Pearls in Peril LIFE