Report 497 Part II
Review of marine biodiversity assessment obligations in the UK.
Part II: Identifying similarities and differences between marine biodiversity assessment obligations.
Hinchen. H.
This paper is Part II of a series of three that investigates and analyses several national and international legislative and policy instruments, including obligations to assess biodiversity in both Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the wider environment. Part I is a detailed review and summarises the assessment requirements of each instrument against a standard framework covering 14 aspects (e.g. geographic scope, assessment criteria etc.). The information collated and summarised in Part I is used to identify areas of similarity and difference between obligations in the present paper. Part II is structured around the standard framework which was used in Part I to summarise the assessment obligations.



Parts I and II together act as reference documents for JNCC, and more widely, to aid the understanding of the overall requirements for marine biodiversity assessment and reporting. They also begin to build a detailed understanding of the relationships between assessment obligations for each of the legislative and policy instruments.  Recommendations are subsequently made for streamlining and harmonisation, where possible, in Part III (to be published soon).


  • Linked documents from Part II to download

          Table 6. Comparing Listed Species (Excel, 78kb)

  •  Appendix A - Map showing the relationship between different marine region boudaries 

          UK obligations boundaries EU scale (PDF 2,518kb)

          UK obligations boundaries UK scale (PDF 2,198kb)



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