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JNCC consult others on our own plans, policies, strategies and projects. View/search our open and closed consultations.

When a new consultation is launched, we make the relevant documents available to organisations and individuals with an interest in the area of consultation. We also publish details of each formal consultation on our website so that anyone with an interest can access the documents.

All consultations will have a clear start and end date.


Open consultations

Proposed marine SPA  consultation in offshore waters around Wales

JNCC has launched a consultation on a marine potential Special Protection Area (pSPA) in the Irish Sea. The aim of this pSPA is to protect important foraging areas for Manx shearwaters during the breeding season.

  • Consultation period: 23 January 2017 - 20 April 2017 (midnight).


Consultation on the proposed amendment to the boundary of Croker Carbonate Slabs Special Area of Conservation

Croker Carbonate Slabs candidate SAC (cSAC) was submitted to the European Commission (EU) in 2012 for the protection of the Annex I habitat ‘Submarine structures made by leaking gases’ and was subsequently adopted as a ‘Site of Community Importance’ (SCI).   Additional data were gathered in 2012 and 2013 that indicated the MDAC extended outside of the original boundary to the east.  These new data prompted JNCC to assess whether the existing site boundary remained appropriate for the protection of MDAC in the region. JNCC reviewed these new data and concluded the seabed is a continuation of the Annex I feature Submarine Structures made by leaking gases in the existing site and it meets the criteria to be included within a SAC. JNCC advise that the boundary of the current SCI should be amended to better reflect the more recent evidence on the presence and extent of the Annex I feature. 

This consultation is being run in combination with Irish Sea Front pSPA between 23 January and midnight 20 April 2017.

More information on Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI can be found on the Site Information Centre.



Closed consultations

Potential marine SPA consultation in inshore and offshore waters around England and Wales

Dogger Bank draft Conservation Advice

Proposed marine SPA  consultation in inshore and offshore waters around Scotland

Potential marine SPA consultation in inshore and offshore waters around England

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Harbour Porpoise Possible Special Area of Conservation Consultation

Wildlife & Countryside Act: consultation of Schedule 9  

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UK Report for Article 12 of the EU Birds Directive for the period 2008-2012

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Fifth Quinquennial Review of Schedules 5 and 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981

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