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Committee member Dr Susan Walker OBE ©Dr Susan Walker OBE

This issue we focus on JNCC Committee member Dr Susan Walker OBE. A Board Member of Scottish Natural Heritage, Susan has held a number of non-executive and advisory committee positions, including Board Member of the Deer Commission for Scotland and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Susan was also Chair of CAMERAS (Co-ordinated Agenda for Marine, Environmment and Rural Affairs Science) that seeks to align the science and research of Scottish Government organisations. 


Q. Species that inspired you as a child?

A.  Tadpoles.


Q. What are your main concerns for the natural world?

A.  That the public take nature for granted and that governments take too short-term a view. 


Q. What do you do away from the office?

A.  Walk and ski in the mountains.


Q. What is your favourite place?

A.  Home (I am very priviliged to live in the Cairngorms!).


Q. Who is your human hero in the natural world?

A.  David Attenborough for bringing the natural world into people's homes in such an accessible way.


Q. If you could dine with any four dinner guests who would they be?

A.  Chris Bonington (mountaineer), Jackie Stewart (racing driver), Andy Murray (tennis player) and Richard Branson (businessman).


Q. Desert Island Disc?

A.. Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits


Q. If you could choose another job or career what would it be?

A.  Retirement - as I am coming to the end of my career - I have no regrets about the career path I have chosen - and I want to spend more time in the hills.

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