Submission of formal advice on Nature Conservation MPAs in Scotland's seas


14 December 2012


On 1st November 2012, JNCC and SNH submitted their formal advice  on the selection of Nature Conservation MPAs for the development of the Scottish MPA network to Scottish Ministers and Marine Scotland. The document sets out advice on the identification of Nature Conservation MPA proposals to protect biodiversity and geodiversity in Scotland’s seas. These MPA proposals will also help fulfil Scotland’s contribution to wider networks of MPAs at a European and global scale.

Scottish Ministers have reported to Parliament  on progress in developing the MPA network, and will decide which of the Nature Conservation MPA proposals will go forward to a public consultation expected to take place during 2013.


JNCC and SNH Press Release 14 December 20112

JNCC and SNH formal advice to Scottish Ministers and Marine Scotland 1 November 2012

Scottish Ministers report to Scottish Parliament 14 December 2012