Interim Chalara Control Plan published


6 December 2012


An interim plan has been published today setting out actions to tackle Ash-dieback (Chalara fraxinea) over the next few months. The Interim Chalara Control Plan sets out initial targeted, science-based and proportionate action and provides a framework for future action as understanding of Chalara, and the costs and benefits of action develops.
JNCC has brought together data sets and analysis, with assistance from the country nature conservation bodies and other organisations, which have been used to build up a picture on the location of important ash in Great Britain. This information is included in the plan with a map characterising the location and distribution of important ash in the landscape.  Further information on this work is available here.
As the ongoing Chalara strategy develops, JNCC is developing a surveillance strategy with partners which will encourage citizen engagement in surveillance, monitoring and action in tackling the problem.