UK Bird Licensing Contract



The Countryside Council for Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural England and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency are statutory bodies established to provide independent advice on nature conservation (on land and at sea), natural heritage, landscape, countryside access and rural issues. More information on these agencies can be found at,, and


A range of monitoring activities of birds is conducted within the UK. For the purposes of this service, these monitoring activities include marking some species of birds and observing the nests of some species of birds. The four statutory country bodies will issue licences to the service provider who will in turn provide annual permits to individuals to carry out these activities. Issuing licences for wild birds is a statutory duty under Section 16(1) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and such licences authorise actions which would otherwise be illegal under the provisions of the Act. In accordance with Section 16(5) of the Act such licences can be issued to individuals or classes of individuals.


On behalf of the statutory country bodies a service to deliver the following activities is required. There are two separate permits issued by the service provider, one for the disturbance and taking of breeding Schedule 1 birds (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981) and the other will be for the taking of wild birds other than breeding Schedule 1 species.


In addition, the service provider will also be required to maintain standards and manage these licenced activities according to law and the requirements of the statutory country bodies with regard to animal welfare, accuracy of scientific observation and recognise the work done by the ringers and other volunteers.


The contract will be let with JNCC acting as the ‘contract facilitator’ and the day-to-day responsibility and final authority will reside with the JNCC Support Company.


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Essential dates for this procurement are listed in the table below.

Expression of Interest PQQ due

15 January 2013

Send out Invitation to Tender to selected applicants           

22 January 2013

Tenders to be returned

5 March  2013 16:00 hrs

Final Decision

18 March 2013

Award contract to successful contractor

28 March 2013



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