State of UK‘s Birds 2012

19 November 2012


Rockhopper Penguin©Graham Madge RSPB

The report charts the ups and downs of our bird populations over the last few decades. 


The UK Overseas Territories hold some of the world’s most vulnerable birds, facing threats including fishery by-catch, oil-spills, airport expansion and volcanic eruptions.  The report particularly highlights the southern and northern rockhopper penguins.

David Stroud, of JNCC, said: “This report demonstrates the value of undertaking a periodic ‘stock-check’ of bird numbers in the UK – information central to many aspects of conservation.  Thanks to the efforts of the bird watching community, such assessments are readily available within the UK, but these data do not exist for most of our Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.  We need to strengthen efforts to establish routine survey and monitoring in these areas in the light of their global importance for many bird species.”

The State of the UK’s Birds 2012 report is produced by a coalition of three NGOs - RSPB, British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust – and the UK Government’s statutory nature conservation agencies - the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), Natural England (NE), Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. (JNCC).


State of UK's Birds 2012 Press Release

State of UK's Birds 2012 Report

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