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As part of our statutory responsibility to recommend Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in UK offshore waters (beyond 12 nautical miles), JNCC gathers information to help support these recommendations; either by searching and retrieving existing information, or through collaborative or commissioned survey. Once these MPAs have been identified, further information gathered through survey may be required to deliver management measures and conservation advice. JNCC survey work takes place throughout the year and our staff who join the research vessels will blog throughout the survey sharing information and images from the survey.


JNCC Offshore Survey blog

  • Good bye Croker!

    After two weeks in the Irish Sea packed with action, our time has come to say good bye to the Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI. We have had an amazingly productive survey and collected a huge amount of data, all ready to be analysed (see maps)!  In total we undertook 130 drop camera transects, visited 62 grab sample stations and deployed 176 grabs, we also travelled over 360 km collecting acoustic data. One of the really interesting components of this survey was seeing the variety of sampling techniques used coming together to give a detailed picture of what is happening at the Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI both above and below the seabed.

    Acoustic data collection (©JNCC/Cefas 2015)

    Ground truth data collection (©JNCC/Cefas 2015)

    The JNCC team wants to thank all the staff onboard the RV Cefas Endeavour, in particular the captain and crew, for all their hard work and another successful survey for the JNCC/Cefas partnership.

    Until next time, bon voyage!

    Good bye from the day shift (©Neil Golding/JNCC 2015)

    Good bye from the night shift (©Neil Golding/JNCC 2015)

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