JNCC Directors


Marcus Yeo - Chief Executive


The main responsibilities of the post are to:

  • Chair the Executive Management Board and provide leadership to the JNCC Support Company.
  • Maintain overall responsibility for business management and company performance, and manage major risks.
  • Act as Accounting Officer for JNCC.
  • Work with the Chair and Committee Members to develop and renew the Committee's strategic direction, statements and plans, and ensure that these are translated into JNCC’s corporate and business plans.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Chairman and Committee Members across the whole range of Committee business.
  • Develop and maintain sound and effective relationships at a senior level with key stakeholders, including the country conservation bodies, Defra and other Whitehall departments, devolved administrations, other statutory bodies, and non-governmental organisations.


Professor Christine Maggs - Chief Scientist and Deputy Chief Executive


The main responsibilities of the Chief Scientist post are to:

  • Lead JNCC’s science, evidence and advice functions ensuring JNCC's work is underpinned by high-quality science and evidence
  • Promote learning and development and building JNCC’s scientific and technical capability in critical areas
  • Champion innovation to test new techniques and approaches
  • Encourage activities that diversify and increase income and leverage resources through collaboration with partners
  • Be a high-profile and influential advocate for JNCC’s science, evidence and advice, promoting JNCC’s reputation as a scientific authority on UK and international nature conservation
  • Develop relationships at a senior level within the environmental science and policy communities, including UK and devolved governments, the wider public sector, NGOs and research organisations.

The main responsibilities of the Deputy Chief Executive are to:

  • Provide corporate leadership for JNCC as a member of the Executive Management Board
  • Produce business plans
  • Approve policies and strategies to enable JNCC to operate efficiently and effectively and meet corporate priorities
  • Provide inspirational and visible leadership to JNCC staff
  • Advise the JNCC Chair and Joint Committee, especially on strategy development and resolution of complex problems
  • Act as deputy to the Chief Executive on all aspects of executive leadership of JNCC, including ensuring effective implementation of corporate policies, resolving problems, and engaging with stakeholders.


Chris Brooks FCA - Director of Finance and Resources


The main responsibilities of the post are to:

  • Serve as a member of the Executive Leadership Team and provide leadership to the JNCC Support Company
  • Ensure effective development and delivery of JNCC’s work programmes and manage corporate risks
  • Finance and Procurement
  • Human Resources and Facilities
  • Communications
  • Marketing and business development
  • Maintain and develop systems of control, including policies and procedures 
  • Support the Chief Executive  and Chairman in managing and developing the Committee and company Board, including acting as Company Secretary
  • Provision of advice to the Chief Executive, Chair and Committee on corporate strategy
  • Represent JNCC externally at a senior level with key stakeholders (including country conservation bodies, UK Government departments and devolved administrations, non-governmental organisations and others)


Steve Gibson - Director of Evidence


The main responsibilities of the post are to:

  • Serve as a member of JNCC's Executive Management Board, leading the organisation to achieve its statutory duties in line with its Strategy.
  • Advise the Joint Committee on the strategic direction of JNCC's evidence work, and answer to the Committee for its effective discharge.
  • Lead and manage the evidence work of JNCC.  This includes marine and terrestrial monitoring; seabed classification; mapping and human pressures; offshore survey; earth observation (satellites); data access; management and system development, including information risk and Open Data; future proofing plant health and analysis, and modelling to integrate and increase the value of our data.
  • Represent JNCC externally at a senior level with key stakeholders including serving as a member of the inter-agency Chief Scientist Group.





John Goold - Director of Marine Operations


The main responsibilities of the post are to:

  • Responsible for marine protected areas identification, post-designation advice and offshore industries advice.  These activities include support for the development of EC fisheries measures, advice to offshore industries, and advice to competent authorities on plans and projects primarily relating to the oil and gas, marine aggregates and marine renewable energy sectors.  Former experience in marine scientific research, thematic research programme management, academia, and marine consultancy.
  • Internally a member of JNCC’s executive management board and senior management forum.
  • Externally a member of the offshore wind programme board, established out of the cross government cost reduction task force recommendations.
  • John Goold has a degree in Marine Biology & Zoology, a PhD in Oceanography, and 24 peer reviewed marine publications.




Paul Rose – Director of Standards and Advice


The main responsibilities of the post are to:

  • Serve as a member of the Executive Management Board and fulfill associated corporate governance and risk management duties.
  • Support and provide leadership to JNCC’s programmes of work for international and European advice, marine assessment, Overseas Territories and Natural Capital.
  • Ensure that work is effectively planned and communicated to deliver JNCC’s strategy and achieve priority outcomes.
  • Oversee and advise on the allocation of approximately 50 staff and financial resources (ca £500,000) for JNCC’s work.
  • Support and provide strategic advice to the Chief Executive and Committee.
  • Meet income targets.
  • Represent JNCC externally at a senior level with key stakeholders (including serving as a member of the inter-agency Chief Scientists Group).
  • Serve as a trustee and member of the Finance and Management Committee for the National Biodiversity Network.




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