Blue Turtle Award

Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Nature Conservation Award


NOTE: There was no call for nominations for the Blue Turtle Award in 2014

The Award      

In 2009 The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) launched an annual award for nature conservation work undertaken by an OT and CD conservation awardindividual or group of individuals, from an Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency, who have made a valuable contribution to nature conservation in their Territory or Dependency. The work or project should have been in place for over a year, demonstrate innovation and have made a real difference.

The individual or the group recieves £500 and an additional £1,000 to contribute to an Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency nature conservation project of their choice.


The call for nominations for  Blue Turtle Award is closed.

The 2013 Blue Turtle Award winner was Jeremy Maderios from Bermuda.

The 2012 Blue Turtle Award winner was Brian Naqqi Manco from the Turks and Caicos Islands

The 2011 Blue Turtle Award winners were The Midweek Muckers from the Isle of Man.

The 2010 Blue Turtle Award winner was The Millennium Forest project in St Helena.

The 2009 Blue Turtle Award winner was Fred Burton MBE from the Cayman Islands.