UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies

Steering Group


The UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Steering Group was established in January 2009 and it aims to guide the development of the Training and Research Programme. The majority of representation is from OT and CD governments, and members can be from any department or sector e.g. environment, conservation, research, education.


For full membership details of the Steering Group see the membership list  (PDF, 257 kb).


The Terms of Reference (PDF, 16 kb) outline how the group will run.


Work Plan


Work Plan 2012-2015.

The Steering Group undertook a review of their work plan in January 2012. A revised work plan was drawn up at that time.  


Work Programme 2010-2012 (PDF, 697 kb).

The initial work plan with research priorities for the territories at that time.



UK OT & CD Steering Group Meetings (most recent first)


Date of next meeting:  4 July 2017 from 15:00-16:00 UK time


October 2016 - Coastal Management

Agenda (pdf 127kb)

Note from meeting (pdf xkb)



July 2015 - Gibraltar face-to-face meeting


Papers and presentations



April 2015 - theme Gibraltar face-to-face meeting.

Agenda (10kb)

Note from meeting (392 kb)


December 2014 - theme data management

Agenda (pdf 51kb)

Note from meeting (pdf 437 kb)

Presentation on the South Atlantic information management centre by iLaria Marengo (pdf 545kb)

Presentation on GIS an spatial data management tools by Katie Medcalf (pdf 693 kb)

Paper on Cross Territory OT Biodiversity data access project by Tara Pelembe (pdf 322 kb)


September 2014 - theme action planning

Agenda (pdf 51kb)

Note from meeting (pdf 348kb)

Presentation on Action Planning on Ascension Island by Sam Weber (pdf 1247 kb)

Presentation on Action Planning on the Falkland Islands by Andy Stanworth (pdf 606KB)


May 2014

Agenda (pdf 538)

Note from meeting (pdf 50kb)


February 2014

Agenda (PDF 51 kb)

Note from meeting (PDF 372 kb)


November 2013

Agenda (PDF,  51 kb)

Note from meeting (PDF, 334KB)


March 2013 (face to face meeting, Royal Botantic Gardens, Kew)

Programme (PDF, 122 kb)

Note from meeting (PDF, kb) -


November 2012

Agenda (PDF, 38 kb)

Note from meeting PDF, 48 kb)


June 2012

Agenda (PDF, 34 kb)

Work plan 2012-2015

Note from meeting (PDF, 44 kb)


January 2012: Review of work programme

January 25th at the Eco Innovation Centre © JNCC


Draft Agenda (PDF, 102 kb)

Working Agenda (PDF, 96 kb)


January 26th at the JNCC © JNCC

September 2011

Agenda (PDF, 119 kb)

Note of meeting (including actions) (PDF, 125 kb)


May 2011

Agenda (PDF, 137kb)

Note of meeting (PDF, 153 kb)


January 26th at the JNCC © JNCCJanuary 2011

Agenda (PDF, 119 kb)

Work Programme 2010-2012 January 2011 update version (PDF, 617 kb)

Discussion paper on financial support for training in UK OTs and CDs (PDF, 200 kb) includes results of survey on training support in Annex [agenda item 2]

Information paper on JNCC Surveillance Team and what it can offer to the UK OTs and CDs (PDF, 141 kb) [agenda item 4]

Update paper on University of Reading and JNCC MOU (PDF, 192 kb) [agenda item 6]

Update paper on UKOTA Scholarship by Helen Larzleer (PDF, 191 kb) [agenda item 7]

Minutes from meeting (PDF, 132 kb)

Actions from meeting (PDF, 119 kb)


October 2010

Agenda (PDF, 116 kb)

Update on Actions from July 2010 meeting (PDF, 114 kb)

Presentation from Isle of Man on Biodivesity Research (PDF, 2,757 kb)

Presentation from Turks and Caicos on Biodiversity Research (to follow shortly)

Presentation from Cefas on overview of their organisation (PDF, 8,253 kb)

UK Marine Climate Change Impact  Annual Report card (PDF, 3,974 kb)

Note from meeting and actions (PDF, 170 kb)


July 2010

Work Programme 2010-2012 July 2010 version (PDF, 462 kb)

Agenda  (PDF, 23 kb)

Update on Actions from April 2010 meeting (PDF, 28 kb)

Note from meeting and actions (PDF, 34 kb)


April 2010

Work Programme 2010-2012 April 2010 version (PDF, 1,077 kb).

Agenda (PDF, 13 kb)

The UK Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) paper (SG paper 04/03) (PDF, 218 kb)

Notes from meeting (PDF, 39 kb)

Actions (PDF, 76 kb)


January 2010

Agenda (PDF, 18 kb)

Work programme (PDF, 72 kb)

Notes from meeting (PDF, 184 kb)

Actions (PDF, 76 kb)


September 2009OT Steering Group Workshop Sept 2009 © JNCC

The JNCC held a two-day workshop in the UK on the OT & CD Training and Research Programme, 17-18 September 2009. The aim of the workshop was to develop a workplan for the programme. Members of the Steering Group attended either in person, or by telephone and interactive internet conference. Details on the outcomes of the workshop can be found below. 


Background on UK OT & CD Training and Research Programme (PDF, 114 kb)

Participant list (PDF, 68 kb)
Work schedule (PDF, 104 kb)

June 2009

Note from meeting (PDF, 132 kb)


January 2009

Minutes (PDF, 28 mb)