Environmental layers: Soil

ESDB Dominant soil typeData from the European Soil Database (ESDB) is freely available. This classifies 1km squares throughout the EU by 73 different attributes including dominant soil type. The grids are in the ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (ETRS_LAEA) co-ordinate system. Attributes were assigned to the square of the OSGB grid with the greatest area of overlap with each ETRS 1km square.
Better data is available for England & Wales from the Soil Survey based in the Land Information System (LandIS) at Cranfield University and soil data for Scotland is managed by the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute. However, the data they supply is not directly comparable, which makes deriving a GB dataset difficult, and it is prohibitively expensive to licence. It has not, therefore, been used for this project.