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JNCC Research Contribution Projects


NOTICE: There is currently no funding for participation for the Financial Year 2015/16. If there are any changes to this position, we will inform stakeholders and update the website.

JNCC is periodically able to offer small financial contributions to biodiversity research in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. Up to two invitations will be issued twice a year (in March and September) to members of the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Steering Group, inviting them to submit requests for contributions to biodiversity research projects. Details of the call for research proposals are also circulated via the UK OT and CD newsletter. To receive copies of this newsletter please sign up to our mailing list.
In order to qualify for the contribution the research project must be on the conservation of biodiversity in the UK Overseas Territories  and Crown Dependencies and the request must be for no more than 70% of the total project costs.

How to apply


The research contribution project proposal (Word version, 141 kb) must be completed and submitted to the relevant member of the UK Overseas Territories  and Crown Dependencies Steering Group prior to the deadline given at the time of invitation. The Steering Group member will submit proposals to JNCC by the deadline. Proposals from non-Government organisations or individuals will need to be accompanied by a letter of support from the relevant Steering Group member. Unfortunately JNCC cannot accept project proposals from individuals or organisations without this letter of support.


JNCC assesses projects against a set of specific assessment criteria (Word version, 145 kb) and makes a decision about which project/s to fund. The result is annouced to the OT & CD Steering Group members and the successful candidate/s shortly after the invitation deadline. Successful proposals clearly demonstrate the scientific methods to be employed in the research, the technological capability and capacity to deliver, how the project will be managed and all project outputs. A breakdown of the costs associated with the project should also be submitted with the proposal.

At the end of the research project JNCC requests a report of the work and how the contribution was used. This follows a standard format provided in the report template. (Word Version, 140 kb).


Summary table showing JNCC Research Contribution Projects
Territory When funded Project title Completion
St. Helena Jan 2015 Protection of the critically endangered St Helena Gumwood habitat at Peak Dale, St Helena October 2015
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands August 2014 Island-wide census of black-browed and grey-headed Albatross August 2015
Falkland Islands Jun 2013 River Harbour Islands Rat Eradication Project Nov 2013
Isle of Man June 2012 Assessment of changes to habitat quantity and quality of candidate Areas of Special Scientific Interest on Isle of Man in last 13-18 years. Autumn 2012
Jersey Jun 2013 Status and conservation of the grass snake and slow worm in Jersey PhD Autumn 2016
St Helena Jun 2013 Developing propogation techniques for globally threatened ferns on St Helena Aug 2014
Soverign Base Areas Cyprus Jun 2013 Estimation of the breeding successof Eleonora's falcon (Falco eleonorae) in Cyprus Dec 2013
Falkland Islands and South Georgia Apr 2013 Algal biodiversity of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia - project extension Apr 2014
Bermuda May 2012 Seagrass restoration: A tool for mitigating the loss of ecosystem services Dec 2012
Falkland Islands May 2012 Archipelago-wide census of southern sea lions April 2013
Falkland Islands May 2012  Essential conservation tools: providing a user-friendly guide to the flora of the Falklands Oct 2013
Ascension Oct 2011 A revised population size estimate for the Ascension Island green turtle July 2012
Isle of Man April 2011 Investigation of ancient woodland on the Isle of Man Aug 2012
Turks & Caicos Islands April 2011 Assess and monitor Nassau groupter (Epinephelus striatus) populations and spawning aggregate locations across the Turks & Caicos Islands May 2012
Turks & Caicos Islands April 2011 Rescue and collection of endemic and endangered plant species for biodiversity conservation - with new research component Feb 2012
Falkland Islands Sept 2010 Southern sea lion programme Jul 2011
Falkland Islands and South Georgia Mch 2010 Algal biodiversity of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Dec 2010
Turks & Caicos Islands Mch 2010 Rescue and collection of endemic and endangered plant species for biodiversity conservation Nov 2010
Anguilla Sep 2009 An ecological assessment of Little Scrub Island Dec 2010
Cayman Islands Mch 2009 Red-footed booby monitoring, Little Cayman Jan 2011
Turks & Caicos Islands Mch 2009 Increasing biodiversity of coral reefs by creating an Acropora nursery Aug 2010
Tristan da Cunha 2008 Monitoring seabird populations 2008


Please follow the links to the Territory web pages to find out more information under the projects tab.


Details of UK Government funded projects in the UK OTs and CDs (PDF, 188 kb) from 2009-2010 are available as a spreadsheet. Please note, this list if not exhaustive; if you notice any omissions or things that need amending please contact: (please put OT in the subject line).