Overlap of the expected occurrence of bilberry and rhododendron

Most 'wild' findings of Phytophthora relate to infection of Rhododendron ponticum from where it has spread to infect native bilberry. Our hypothesis, therefore, is that impact is likely to be greatest where bilberry forms an important component of the vegetation and rhododendron is also frequent.
The Maxent models we have fitted attempt to estimate the suitability of 1km square for these two species. By applying a threshold to each species separately to get an prediction of the potential distribution of each, and then overlaying the two distributions, we can find the squares where the species are predicted to occur together.
In the interactive map below, you can choose a value for the threshold (between 0 and 100%) to apply to the model for each species and then click the [Submit] button to see the extent of the overlap. The map summarises the overlap by 10km squares. The 10km squares are coloured according to how many of 1km squares within a 10km square are predicted to be able to support both species. This gives a visual overview of the extent of the overlap if we vary the thresholds.
  Threshold (%)
map overlay