There are two tools currently available for use in Recorder 6, these are the OS map tile installer (NBN Browser Software) and the tool that recreates or mends the linked Access database nbndata.mdb.

OS map tile installer (NBN Browser Software)

To assist with the accurate recording of biological data the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger series has been made available for use with Recorder. There are 812 digital map tiles (raster images) covering England, Scotland and Wales in areas of 20km by 20km. These tiles are encrypted due to licence requirements and are provided on a set of five CD's. These are available to purchase from the NBN Trust for £16.00. It should be noted that the CDs contain the installer for Recorder 2002. To use the tiles in Recorder 6 a specific Recorder 6 installer (called NBN Browser Software) is required which can be downloaded below. For full details of how to use the installer and selecting the map tiles for use please refer to the mapping section.

Recreation / Re-linking of the linked Access database nbndata.mdb


This tool has been specifically designed to recreate or re-link a linked Microsoft Access file.


To use:

  • download the tool to anywhere on your pc
  • extract the zip file to any location 
  • double click on the .bat file


Note that this process assumes that Recorder is installed in the default location: C:\Program Files\Recorder 6. If you have Recorder installed in a custom location full instructions for editing the .bat file are included the Read Me.txt file which is included in the zipped download file.