Known Issues and Errors

The error messages and known issues that users have encountered whilst using different versions of Recorder 6 are collated in this section of the website in order to provide an additional resource for the user to find information about them and the solutions that were found.  It should be noted that with subsequent version releases of the software that some of these errors will no longer be encountered as the issues are resolved.

Error Messages

The details of an error message can be accessed on screen as well as being saved as a LastError.txt file in the User Files folder. The error messages table details the key line of the error message with the context of when it occurred, the version of Recorder being used and any solutions provided.

Other Known Issues

The issues documented in this section are known problem areas encountered by users and the work arounds and solutions that were found. This also includes functionality within the software which is not currently working as expected where this may impact on data management.