Canto Information Ltd


Contact:   Richard Weddle

Address:  89 Novar Drive, Glasgow, G12 9SS
Phone & fax: 0141 339 1343




Canto Information Ltd is a consultancy specialising in the design and implementation of information management systems. We have a particular interest in biological data and have been active in developing the Glasgow LBRC in Recorder 3.3 - and intend to continue this on the Recorder 2000 platform. In addition to Recorder 6 sales and support, we offer further support, training courses, assistance with importing data from other systems, help with customising individual installations and links with other systems.


We have links through BRISC with many of the naturalists and record centres in Scotland, but would be interested in enquiries from any part of the British Isles and Ireland.

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I offer support in the use of Recorder (preferably via email), at a basic rate of £25 per hour, but this could be reduced for 'bulk purchases' of 4 hours or more in advance. I can also undertake transfer of records from other database systems; costs for that would depend on the volume and complexity of the data.



I offer a one day basic training course based at Glasgow University for £45 per person. These take place several times a year as and when I become aware of sufficient demand. I can also offer a more advanced course on the same terms; content of the course can be tailored to requirements. I'm also willing to do on-site training at £300 per day plus travel and subsistence.