Technical support is available to Recorder users free of charge from the Forum and is also provided at a range of prices by the approved Recorder experts. The Forum provides direct access to the recording community and as a result is an invaluable source of advice for problems and issues as well as being a focal point for announcements and discussion on upcoming enhancements. It is well used by the recording community and is also supported by JNCC, the approved Recorder experts and Dorset Software. Technical support from the approved Recorder experts is tailored to meet individual requirements and ranges from free guidance on installation to hourly rates, yearly contracts and bespoke customised products.


Sally Rankin

If you would like assistance with the use of Recorder 2002 or Recorder 6 I would be pleased to help. I can provide assistance by phone, e-mail or by visiting customers on-site. Rates for support are £50 per hour or £330 per day, plus expenses. I am not VAT registered so VAT is not payable. The hourly rate is for work done at my base and the daily rate is for work done on-site. Expenses are usually only incurred for site visits.


Examples of my support services include:

General advice on the use of specific facilities in Recorder

Assistance with difficulties importing data using the import wizard

Assistance with difficulties exchanging data between copies of Recorder 6

Assistance with querying the database


For further information please contact me using the e-mail address or phone numbers on my contact page.


Littlefield Consultancy

We can offer a wide range of support for Recorder 6.  This includes

1. General support, set up and  maintenance of the system.

2.  The production of bespoke XML reports and Batch Updates . Prices vary depending on the complexity of the report, but can be under £30.00. 

3.   Reporting  and data input systems in  MSAccess

4. Transfers of data from a wide range of sources including spreadsheets, word processors and databases.  Prices depend on the volume and complexity of the data. Transfer from Recorder 3 are done in conjunction with Sally Rankin, and Sally should be contacted in the first instance about these transfers.

5. The transfer of data from Recorder 2002 or earlier version into the latest version of Recorder 6. This service is specifically designed to help those who are having difficulties with upgrades. Transfer typically cost £140.00.  

6. Reorganising data, including the identification and removal of duplicate records, and rationalisation of  the Location and Name structures.



We offer Recorder software technical support on a call-off basis. There is a minimum purchase of £250 and then each logged request will be charged between 0 and a maximum of £25 depending on complexity.


Canto Information Ltd

I offer support in the use of Recorder (preferably via email), at a basic rate of £25 per hour, but this could be reduced for 'bulk purchases' of 4 hours or more in advance. I can also undertake transfer of records from other database systems; costs for that would depend on the volume and complexity of the data.