Recorder 3 Addins

Recorder Addins provide additional functionality alongside the main Recorder application. Addins are implemented in Recorder 2000 onwards as .ocx or sometimes .dll, but may also be supplied with a small number of other files (such as .bmp or .mdb files for example). All files supplied with an addin MUST be saved in the same directory as the .ocx or .dll file to successfully install.
There are no addins as such for Recorder 3 however, there is one that has been written for Recorder 6 to enable the transfer of data from Recorder 3 to Recorder 6. This addin is available in this section as well as the respective R6 section of the website and should be installed in Recorder 6.

To uninstall an existing addin in either Recorder 6:
  • Open Recorder 6 and go to Tools - Install - Add-in Module...
  • Select the addin you would like to remove and then click the [Remove] button
  • Click [Yes] to confirm or [No] to cancel
  • If you are replacing the addin with a new version you will need to delete the .ocx and all other files related to that particular addin in the Recorder 6/ Addins folder


To install an addin:

  • Download the relevant zip file to your desktop or addins folder and unzip
  • Open Recorder 6 and go to Tools - Install - Add-in Module...
  • Click on the [Install] button and browse to the relevant .ocx or .dll file and click [Open]
  • A message should then be displayed to say 'The following addin has been successfully installed...'

Addin for Recorder 6

Download file Version Description
Addin for data transfer to Recorder 6 v6.0.0.52 This addin is used to transfer data from Recorder 3 to Recorder 6. It is to be installed in Recorder 6 and used in conjunction with the document 'Data Transfer from Recorder 3.4 to Recorder 2002 or Recorder 6' which is included, alongwith a .chm help file within the zipped download. The document was originally written for transferring data to Recorder 2002 but the preparation and principles are identical for transferring data to Recorder 6. If further technical support for your data transfer is required there are a number of approved expert who can help.