Documentation - Tutorials and Guides

The following table provides information about the growing library of written guides and tutorials covering a range of aspects of Recorder functionality. It includes a description of the tutorial as well as the level the document is aimed at and the version of Recorder for which it was written. You can sort on the column headers and use the keywords to assist you in locating the documents that you require. Click on the relevant links in the table to download or view the document online. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the downloaded documents.
DownloadView OnlineDocument_TitleDescriptionDateVersionLevel
DownloadView OnlineRecorder 6 User GuideThis is the main introductory guide to Recorder 6. Comprehensive and easy to follow, this guide covers the main areas of Recorder 6 and has been recently updated for version 6.132009 April6.13.3Beginner
DownloadManaging Data Access in Recorder 6Introduces the use of access restrictions at survey, recorder and record levels2009 April6.13.3Intermediate
Database Administration in Recorder 6In progress - This tutorial provides a basic introduction to some of the tools available in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 that can be used to help manage your database eg. How to safeguard against data loss (using backup and restore facilities) and managing data access (via logins and users)2009 April6.13.3Intermediate
DownloadMicrosoft Access and Recorder 6Introduction to querying the Recorder database (NBNData) for more specialised reporting in Recorder 62009 March6.13.3Beginner
DownloadLinking Recorder 6 and GISComprehensive guide to linking data between GI systems (ArcGIS and MapInfo) and Recorder including use of the Recorder snapshot tool2009 April6.13.3Intermediate
DownloadThe Report Designer in Recorder 6Introduction to getting the most out of the report designer in Recorder 62008 April6.12Beginner
DownloadUse of Simple Filters in Recorder 6Introductory guide to adding simple filters to the main windows in Recorder 6 and how this works2008 August6.13.3Beginner
DownloadRecorder 6 Statistics: example xml reportsIntroductory guide to the use of xml reports for extracting statistics from your Recorder 6 database. This tutorial documents the use of ten different xml reports and the basics of how they work (includes the reports themselves within the zipped download file)2009 March6.13.3Beginner
DownloadView OnlineExporting to the NBN GatewayComprehensive guide to exporting to the NBN Gateway using the NBN Exchange addin2009 August6.14Beginner
DownloadView OnlineBuilding Rucksacks outside RecorderIntroductory tutorial which explains how to build rucksacks outside Recorder. This is particularly useful if you have a large species set that you want to hold in a rucksack 6.14Beginner
DownloadView OnlineDesignations - Technical TutorialTechnical tutorial which introduces the designation set reporting in Recorder 6.14. It includes how to add your own designations and designation sets and also how to remove these user added items.2009 August6.14Intermediate
Exchanging Data between Recorder 6 and MapMateIn progress 6.14Beginner
DownloadView OnlineTaxon name matching using the species dictionaryThis tutorial introduces the species dictionary and how to match a species list to taxon list item keys for use in building rucksacks outside Recorder2009 August Beginner
Designation Reporting - An OverviewIn progress 6.14Beginner
Exchanging Data between Recorder 6 and AditIn progress 6.14Beginner
DownloadStandalone Installation Guide v4.1Standalone Installation Guide2013 January6.17Beginner
DownloadNetwork Installation Guide v5.1Network Installation Guide2007 July Beginner
DownloadCustom Species CardExplains how to set up Custom Species Cards using the new facility introduced in R6 v6.232015 July6.23Beginner