Mission accomplished on marine publication series


Marine Nature Conservation Review: Sector 13, Sealochs in west Scotland, is published


The Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR) was initiated by the Nature Conservancy Council in 1987, and subsequently undertaken by JNCC from 1991. The MNCR has drawn together information on marine ecosystems around Great Britain with the objectives of:


  • extending our knowledge of marine habitats, communities and species in Great Britain; and
  • identifying sites of nature conservation importance.


Eleven years of surveying the UK’s inshore seabed habitats, plants and animals have yielded spectacular insights into this mysterious world, and supported the identification of Special Areas of Conservation for the Habitats Directive.


The marine biology of the coast of west Scotland, from the Mull of Kintyre to the Point of Ardnamurchan, is described in 24 area summaries in this final publication of the series. Each summary covers a marine inlet, such as a sealoch or lagoon, or a stretch of open coast, and gives details of its physical and biological character, the habitats present, current nature conservation designations, the main human influences and relevant literature.


Maps show the sites surveyed and the distribution of each habitat. A summary of the habitats present in each area and a list of species recorded are also given.


David Connor, Head of Marine Information Team, who has overseen the publication of the fifteen volumes in the MNCR series said: “The MNCR programme provided the foundations for our current understanding of inshore marine habitats around Britain and has supported the country agencies in their marine site designations, monitoring and management from the early 1990s. It is therefore very pleasing to have the final volume published to act as a permanent record of the programme’s achievements.”


Copies of the publication are available through NHBS.