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MPA Conservation Advice

Updated conservation advice for Dogger Bank SAC

JNCC have published updated formal Conservation Advice for Dogger Bank SAC.


The State of the UK's Bats 2017

Latest trends report from the NBMP

Populations of bat species being monitored are stable or recovering.

North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef SAC © JNCC and Cefas

MPA Conservation Advice

New formal conservation advice published

New formal conservation advice is now available for North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef SAC.

SUKB 2017

The State of the UK's Birds 2017

Latest results from bird surveys and monitoring studies

Highlights affects of climate change on birds.

Manx Shearwater © Graeme Duncan

Newly classified Irish Sea Front marine SPA

First to protect an important offshore seabird foraging area

Irish Sea Front SPA the first UK SPA to protect an important seabird foraging area which is fully located in the offshore environment

JNCC 10 years of UK MPAs map © JNCC

10 years of UK Offshore Marine Protected Areas

Protecting our diverse and vibrant seas for future generations

JNCC has been working for more than 10 years to identify MPAs in the more remote areas of our seas to ensure they remain healthy into the future.

Seamount communities © Changing Oceans Expedition 2012, Heriot-Watt University, JNCC, NERC

Protecting the UKs marine wonders for future generations

JNCC bring remote areas of the sea to life in underwater videos

The UKs seas host some of the most diverse habitats in Europe, from vibrant cold-water coral reefs in the hidden depths to towering underwater mountains that are hotspots for marine life! 


UK National Contact Point  

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JNCC is the UK LIFE National Contact Point


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Beyond the Coast 2018 – 26 & 27 June

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2018 sees the tenth anniversary of the first Marine Protected Area designated in UK offshore waters. To mark this milestone we’re hosting Beyond the Coast, a conference on the future of our offshore marine environment.

Beyond the Coast, being held at the University of Hull, will bring together practitioners, academics and others to discuss key themes and to focus on progressive marine conservation in the UK’s offshore marine environment.

Register here >>>

Working with us


JNCC is keen to participate collaboratively, as a project partner or a coordinator, in EU and other joint projects. Everything from simple partnerships to multidisciplinary projects or networks of scientists and researchers across all science and technology fields related to the environment. more>>>

JNCC Strategy


2017 JNCC Strategy


The strategy sets out the direction and scope of JNCC more>>>


UK Biodiversity Framework

 The framework is designed to show how the work of the four UK countries joins up with work at a UK level to achieve the ‘Aichi targets’ and the aims of the EU biodiversity strategy. Read the framework

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