Marking the boundaries for nature conservation

A range of boundary issues between different Agencies were highlighted at the Agency Chief Executives (ACE) Conference Pushing the Boundaries held last November.Cabinet Secretary, Chief Executive of Ordinance Survey and Managing Director JNCC look at wildlife information

ACE exists to promote excellent working relationships throughout all aspects of Government and gives JNCC opportunities for collaboration with other agencies and Government departments holding environmental and geographic information. The high-quality geographic data produced by Ordnance Survey, for instance, is essential as the backdrop to the UK biodiversity advice JNCC provides for Government and others. 


While the Ordnance Survey and JNCC have been working closely to achieve the best mapping solutions for where their paths cross, the National Biodiversity Network has made available 28 million records via its website. This information, available to all, comes from many validated sources, including the volunteer community.


Reflecting on the conference, Deryck Steer said: “I have great admiration for my fellow Chief Executives and Directors who have transformed the delivery of their services – they are without doubt ‘Pushing the Boundaries’ and the conference reflected that.


“For my part, I hope I can transform the way we understand biodiversity boundaries and the impact we ahve on them.”   


Deryck Steer

Managing Director

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ACE promotes effective government and provides networking and learning opportunities for its members
Note:  Pictured;Gus O'Donnell (Cabinet Secretary), centre, Vanessa Lawrence (Chief Executive, Ordinance Survey), right and Deryck Steer (Managing Director, JNCC) look at how wildlife information is presented to its audiences at NBN