B1. Agricultural and forest area under environmental management schemes

B1b. Area of forestry land certified as sustainably managed


Type: Response Indicator


Indicator Description

This indicator shows the percentage of the woodland area that is certified against agreed environmental standards. Woodland certification schemes promote good forest practice and are used to demonstrate that wood or wood products come from well-managed forests.




In March 2018, there were 1.38 million hectares of certified woodland across the UK, representing 43% of the total woodland area. The proportion of woodland certified as sustainably managed has remained stable at either 43% or 44% since 2007


Figure B1bi.  Percentage of woodland area certified as sustainably managed, 2001 to 2018.




Notes: All figures relate to data at 31 March, apart from 2001 (31 December) and 2002 (30 September).

Source: Forestry Commission. 

Certification of woodlands promotes responsible forest management to safeguard forests’ natural heritage and protect threatened species.  Since 2001, the percentage of woodland certified as sustainably managed in the UK has increased from 36% to 43% in 2018.  The percentage of woodland certified as sustainably managed in the UK remains relatively stable with a slight decrease in the latest year.   

The total area certified can change if new woodlands are certified, if existing certificates are not renewed, or if there is a time lag in renewal of an existing certificate.


Assessment of change in area of woodland certified as sustainably managed


Long term

Short term

Latest year

Percentage of woodland certified



Decreased  (2018)

Note: Assessment of the individual measures are based on a three-year average from the baseline, using the three earliest consecutive years available.


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Last updated: July 2018

Latest data available: March 2018

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