New website for Land Use Policy Group

Land Use Policy Group
12 December 2007
The Land Use Policy Group (LUPG) of the UK statutory conservation, countryside and environment agencies has just re-launched its website. This has been designed to accommodate the increasing number of papers and reports arising from the work of LUPG and is aimed at making it easier for policy makers and others to access the information now available.
LUPG has just convened a very successful conference in Brussels on the topic of delivering sustainable land management in a changing Europe. This was held in collaboration with the German federal agency for nature conservation Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN) and was aimed at stimulating debate on future policies for rural Europe.  Both the presentations made to the conference, as well as a series of background policy papers, are all easily accessible on the new site. The keynote speech, given by Mariann Fischer Boel, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, is also available to download.
The LUPG consists of the appropriate Policy Directors in each of the constituent Agencies and is supported by two officer groups who carry out the day-to-day delivery of  LUPG’s work. The Rural Affairs Group (RAG) deals primarily with agricultural issues, while the Woodland Policy Group (WPG) looks at forestry issues.
Each of the constituent agencies contributes towards the staff time and research costs of the LUPG work programme. By working together in this way, the agencies are able to inform the  policy making process through providing evidence of the environmental effects of various approaches to land use at the national, European and international scales. In addition, by presenting these results under a common framework, the agencies are able to strengthen the impact of the advice provided, especially at the European level.
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