Data used in monthly distribution and relative abundance maps of cetacean occurrence in north-west European waters


The following data were used for the production of cetacean monthly distribution and relative abundance maps for north-west European waters. These data were not used in the Atlas of Cetacean distribution in north-west European waters and users should be aware of their limitations for predicting cetacean distribution and abundance. Please refer  to the following section for further details and adhere to the Terms and Conditions of data use.



  •  Minke whale                                     Balaenoptera acutorostrata  (XLS,  0.04mb)
  •  Common bottlenose dolphin        Tursiops truncatus                 (XLS,  0.03mb)
  •  Short-beaked common dolphin   Delphinus delphis                   (XLS,  0.05mb)
  •  White-beaked dolphin                    Lagenorhynchus albirostris  (XLS,  0.05mb)
  •  Atlantic white-sided dolphin          Lagenorhynchus acutus        (XLS,  0.03mb)
  •  Risso's dolphin                               Grampus griseus                     (XLS,  0.02mb)
  •  Killer whale                                      Orcinus orca                              (XLS,  0.02mb)
  •  Harbour porpoise                           Phocoena phocoena                (XLS,  0.1mb)
  •  Long-finned pilot whale                 Globicephala melas                (XLS,  0.03mb)


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