Involving People in Geodiversity

As a follow-up to the successful Earth Heritage:World Heritage conference hosted by JNCC in Dorset in September 2004, a short booklet entitled Involving People in Geodiversity has recently been published by JNCC and English Nature.

The booklet provides a summary of the discussions and conclusions of a two-day workshop held to mark the end of the conference, organised by English Nature, Dorset County Council and JNCC. The workshop addressed ways of promoting geodiversity and geological conservation, and provided delegates with the opportunity to share their experiences through the presentation and discussion of case studies and examples, and to recommend successful strategies to involve people in geodiversity.
Involving people in geodiversity
The importance of geodiversity and its benefits to people are often overlooked. Not only does geodiversity offer practical benefits, through the provision of resources and materials such as coal, iron and building stone, it also shapes the landscape, influencing the habitats and species surrounding us and creating scenery and geological attractions. Geodiversity has an educational value, allowing us to understand the evolution and history of the planet, and to interpret present and future processes by reconstructing the past. It also has a cultural role to play, via its inspiration to art, and in providing a sense of place and identity for local communities.
The case studies and discussions demonstrated that much innovation is being used to interest and involve people in geodiversity, and that the audience can include everybody, from the general public, children, families, schools and local communities, to land owners, hotel managers, local councillors and politicians.
To make geodiversity appealing it needs to be interesting, relevant and accessible. Different approaches are also required, not just for different sites, but for different audiences.
Further information can be found in the Involving People in Geodiversity booklet. Aimed at a wide audience, the booklet provides practical examples to help those interested in involving people in geodiversity and is available free of charge.
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