Something to BRAG about!

JNCC leads the UK Biodiversity Research Advisory Group


The UK BRAG - a group of key researchers, practitioners and policymakers concerned with delivery of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan - was formed in response to a recommendation from the Biodiversity Research Working Group (BRWG) in its 2001 report Science in Action for Biodiversity. JNCC has been appointed to coordinate and promote the work of this group, via a three year agreement with Defra. Since starting its work early in 2003, BRAG has held two full meetings and set up a number of expert sub-groups to address specific issues.
BRAG exists to:
  • promote and facilitate research that supports delivery of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan;
  • provide a forum for sharing ideas and information about biodiversity research; and
  • co-ordinate UK engagement with related EU and international initiatives.


Reporting to the UK Biodiversity Standing Committee, BRAG works closely with the UK Biodiversity Reporting & Information Group (BRIG), the individual country biodiversity groups, and steering groups for Habitat Action Plans and Species Action Plans. It is currently reviewing research gaps and identifying priorities from the policy objectives in the UK BAP, with particular emphasis on strategy and developing links with other initiatives. An online research catalogue, providing advice on mechanisms for coordination and collaboration of research, is also being developed.
BRAG influences research funding bodies, ensuring key issues are incorporated into specifications for research programmes; and has an international role, via the European Platform on Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS).
Terms of Reference, membership, current activities and sub-group actions can be found on the UKBAP website.
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