Steady progress on a new strategy


Throughout the year the Joint Committee has been developing a strategy which will set out what it aims to achieve for biological and geological diversity in the future. This work is being done to enable the Committee, working with its Support unit and the country nature conservation agencies, to respond appropriately to a changing landscape of opportunities and challenges.


A collaborative venture with the community of organisations from which the JNCC is formed, this work will enable us to ensure that we all share a common understanding of the objectives, and consequent outcomes, we are seeking to achieve and that our respective work programmes are complementary.
JNCC intends to base the new strategy on the strengths that we derive from our work with an extensive network of partner bodies. Such networking enables us to:
  • take a strategic overview of UK nature conservation, and set this within the relevant international context;
  • provide advice based on a sound understanding of the science of nature conservation;
  • optimise the collection, management and sharing of environmental information;
  • facilitate partnership working between stakeholders in the environment; and
  • help the UK to contribute to the conservation of the natural world at a European and global scale.


We shall aim to build on these strengths to provide strategic advice that better reflects the complex and dynamic nature of the natural world, and its inherent links with people. In this way JNCC will make a significant contribution to sustainable development.
We have embarked on a programme of consultation with UK Government and devolved administrations, and will begin consulting with our partner bodies shortly.