Species and Habitat Protection

A set of criteria (the Texel-Faial criteria) (PDF, 125kb) have been developed by OSPAR Contracting Parties to help identify species, habitats and ecological processes that are in need of protection. JNCC contributed to the development of the criteria which were formally adopted by OSPAR in 2003, and to a process for their application.
The criteria have been used to develop an initial list of species and habitats that are considered to be under immediate threat or subject to rapid decline. Further work has been undertaken to develop case studies (PDF, 6.4mb) to support the listing of these species and habitats, leading to their adoption by OSPAR in 2003 and update in 2004 as the  'initial list' (PDF, 126kb). Work is underway to assess possible programmes and measures which may be necessary to help improve the status of each species and habitat and to assess monitoring and assessment needs. JNCC is leading a programme to map the 14 habitats on the list.