Environmental Policy
We are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, as part of our overall goal of implementing the principles of sustainable development in all areas of our work. Our aim is to ensure that environmental objectives are integrated into relevant business objectives in a cost-effective manner.


Environmental Policy


The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) will aim to conduct its business and operations to reflect best environmental practice and implement the principles of sustainable development.   We recognise that all of our activities and operations impact on the environment and that we have an obligation to manage and minimise these impacts.


JNCC is committed to continual improvement in environmental performance through:


  • Striving to meet, and where appropriate exceed, all relevant UK, European and international environmental legislation, regulatory codes of practice and Government mandates;
  • Improving housekeeping and maximising the efficient use of energy and water;
  • Minimising waste products from all activities; and
  • Preventing pollution wherever possible.


JNCC will achieve these commitments by:


  • Implementing JNCC’s Sustainable Development Action Plan and reporting annually against the objectives and performance indicators contained in the Action Plan;
  • Setting and reviewing progress towards environmental objectives and targets and management programmes;
  • Integrating the sustainable procurement policy into business practice and working towards Level 3 of the Government’s Flexible Framework;
  • Working with suppliers and contractors to encourage the adoption of environmentally responsible practices in line with the sustainable procurement policy;
  • Working towards establishing an environmental management system to the requirements of British Standard BS8555: 2003 Level 3;
  • Implementing the Peterborough office Travel Plan and developing and then implementing the Aberdeen office Travel Plan;
  • Providing training for all employees to understand the company’s environmental policies, objectives and programmes and their role in achieving them; and
  • Ensuring staff understand the requirements of all environmental legislation, guidelines and codes of practice applicable to the organisation.


Responsibility for JNCC’s environmental policy and the actions of the Greening Group lies with the Director of Resources and External Affairs.

For more information on sustainable development please use the link below:
Please cite as: JNCC, (2008), Environmental Policy