Quaternary of Wales
GCR Volume No. 2
Campbell, S. and Bowen, D.Q.
This volume describes the Quaternary rocks and landforms of Wales.


The 'Quaternary of Wales' covers the evidence in the rock record for Pleistocene glaciations, fluctuating sea-levels during and between these catastrophic cold phases, and the presence of ancient flora and fauna, including early man. The severe climatic decline that characterizes the last part of the Cenozoic Era ends with the present (Holocene) interglacial, a period of rapid vegetational change reflecting the climatic improvement which has come with the last ten thousand years of geological time.
The layout of this volume reflects a dual need: to demonstrate adequately the scientific and conservation interest of the localities it describes, and to elucidate the significance of sites in the context of the volume and of the Quaternary of Britain. Each locality is described in detail in a detailed self-contained account, each is given in the context of an area, the geology and geomorphology of which is described in a chapter introduction.
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237 pages, illustrations, A4 hardback
ISBN 0 86139 570 0
Please cite as: Campbell, S. and Bowen, D.Q. (1989) Quaternary of Wales, Geological Conservation Review Series, No. 2, Nature Conservancy Council, Peterborough, 237 pp.