Quaternary of the Thames
GCR Volume No. 7
Bridgland, D.R.
This volume provides details and descriptions of the GCR sites that yield evidence for the Quaternary history of the Thames Valley


Image of Quaternary of the Thames coverThis volume describes important sites in the Pleistocene (ice age) deposits of the Thames terrace system which were laid down by the Thames and its tributaries during the many (alternating) cold and warm episodes of the Pleistocene. Considerable attention is devoted to correlating the Thames sequence with deposits found elsewhere in Britain, on the European continent and on the ocean floor.
The ocean floor deposits are particularly important as the deep-sea record is practically unbroken and can be used as a standard for global correlation. 'Quaternary of the Thames' represents the first systematic attempt to relate the Thames sequence to this global oceanic record. This re-interpretation brings the Thames into line with many other areas of Britain and the European continent, underlining the unique importance of the Thames sequence within the British Quaternary, and will be warmly welcomed by many workers in the field.
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441 pages, illustrations, A4 hardback
ISBN 0 41248 830 2
Please cite as: Bridgland, D.R. (1994) Quaternary of the Thames, Geological Conservation Review Series, No. 7, Chapman and Hall, London, 441 pp.