Quaternary of South-West England
GCR Volume No. 14
Campbell, S., Scourse, J.D., Hunt, C.O., Keen, D.H. and Stephens, N.
This book will appeal to everyone with an interest in Quaternary history, and it will be an indispensable reference tool for students and lecturers, as well as for environmental agencies, conservation consultants and government planning authorities.


Image of Quaternary of South-West England coverThis volume describes in detail the most important Quaternary sites in South-West England, some of which have been the subject of scientific research for over 150 years. In describing the geomorphological heritage of these sites, this volume offers a remarkable account of how the natural environment responded, in terms of landforms, deposits and processes, and animal, plant and human communities, to the profound climatic fluctuations that have characterized the Quaternary - approximately the last two million years of geological time.
The clear, concise descriptions of the 63 nationally important GCR sites in this volume document a fascinating history of intense landscape and environmental changes within a relatively small area. how these landscapes came into being, the forces that shaped them, and the climatic extremes which drove these changes are some of the themes explored.
This fully illustrated volume provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive scientific text on the Quaternary history of South-West England, and its 1,300 cited references form the most complete bibliography on this subject.
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439 pages, illustrations, A4 hardback
ISBN 0 41283 220 8
Please cite as: Campbell, S., Scourse, J.D., Hunt, C.O., Keen, D.H. and Stephens, N. (1998) Quaternary of South-West England, Geological Conservation Review Series, No. 14, Kluwer, London, 439 pp.