Consultation - Archive May 2002

Translocation of species and habitats within Britain, and the arrival of non-native species from abroad, are major issues for conserving Britain's characteristic biodiversity. JNCC, the Countryside Council for Wales, English Nature and Scottish Natural Heritage have prepared a draft policy to address the conservation issues, which also recognises that there are other significant interests involved. The consultation draft is the first step towards fulfilling Target 36 from the UK Biodiversity Action Plan to "Update and publicise guidelines on translocations, re-establishments, introductions and re-stocking". A previous draft was circulated to staff in the statutory conservation agencies, government departments and other agencies in 2000. The current text includes changes made in response to the comments received in 2000 and it is now appropriate for a wider consultation to seek views from other organisations and individuals.
The consultation draft is intended for the guidance of staff within the statutory conservation agencies who deal with biological translocations. It will be proposed for wider use in future, after comments from others on the current paper have been taken into account. A further revision of the conservation policy will be prepared, which will take into account responses to this consultation received by the closing date of 30 October 2001. Comments and suggestions on any aspects of the paper will be very welcome, including provision of additional information, annotations on the current text, alternative views on the interpretations and recommendations, and suggestions as to how the guidance might be applied in future.
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