Precambrian Rocks of England and Wales
Carney, J.N., Horak, J.M., Pharaoh, T.C., Gibbons, W., Wilson, D., Barclay, W.J., Bevins, R.E., Cope, J.C.W. & Ford, T.D.
GCR Volume No. 20
This volume describes the Precambrian GCR sites found in England and Wales. These exposures of Precambrian rocks are sparsely distributed and occupy fairly small areas of southern Britain, yet they are associated with some of Britain's most beautiful countryside.


Image of Precambrian Rocks of England and Wales (GCR Volume No. 20) cover
The Precambrian basement of England and Wales is exposed within a number of generally small inliers that act as 'windows', revealing rocks of considerable geological diversity that have long been the focus of scientific research and educational interest.

Because of their complexity and isolated nature, the various Precambrian occurrences proved difficult to correlate regionally before the advent of precise radiometric age dating and in-depth geochemical analysis. The relevance of these new advances is therefore highlighted in this volume, which groups the various GCR sites into networks reflecting the current conceptual framework of the Precambrian basement as a 'collage' of separate terranes. Critical exposures are described which show that the terranes evolved independently of each other, but were subsequently amalgamated together along major tectonic boundaries, in the very latest Precambrian.
The featured GCR sites are intended to show the broad spectrum of lithologies and geological processes representative of each terrane. Consequently, the volume includes accounts of:
  • Volcanic sequences formed in a variety of tectonic settings
  • Sedimentary and volcaniclastic strata ranging from deep-water marine to terrestrial environments
  • Plutonic igneous complexes
  • Low- to high-pressure metamorphic rocks
  • Intricate deformational structures


A palaeontology chapter is devoted to the three site groupings that show rare, enigmatic Precambrian fossil impressions, referred to the world-famous Ediacaran faunal assemblage.
This book with its extensive bibliography and glossary of terms will be an invaluable introduction and information resource for those amateur and professional geologists, and students, wishing to explore some of the most scenically beautiful and geologically fascinating regions of our island.
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252 pages, illustrations, A4 hardback
ISBN 1 86107 487 5
Please cite as: Carney, J.N., Horak, J.M., Pharaoh, T.C., Gibbons, W., Wilson, D., Barclay, W.J., Bevins, R.E., Cope, J.C.W. & Ford, T.D. (2000) Precambrian Rocks of England and Wales, Geological Conservation Review Series, No. 20, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough, 252 pp.